State President's Message

Hello BPOE!

Every day is a new opportunity, we can build on yesterday’s success and put any failures behind us and start over again- Bob Feller

We have chosen our slogan G.A.M.E. (Guiding Association Motivating Elks) with that very quote in mind. As part of the greatest fraternal organization in the United States it should be our “Purpose” to continue the great foundation that has been built by those before us, as well as building for our future! We must always remember our heritage but also be willing to grow and change. Our communities, lodges, youth, and veterans will benefit from our continued great work and vision for the future!

As we travel the great state of Ohio this year we look forward to meeting with district leaders, lodge leaders, and members so they can share with us the things they are most proud of, in being an OHIO ELK! Our goal will be to make sure that these outstanding programs are shared with media outlets, social media pages, websites, and with our community leaders.

Our new website is a huge step in that direction. With direct links to our Facebook and Twitter pages we are seeing thousands of hits and shares on lodge programs and events, we are committed to informing the membership on all the advantages it offers, as well as future changes that are presently being worked on.

We must also continue our strong support in the programs that separate the Elks organization from all others, Ritual, Veterans, Drug Awareness, Youth Programs and so many more. Our State Major Projects Endowment is also becoming our future, the fundraising committee has created a lot of excitement the past few years with their events at the Fall Reunion and they are growing bigger and better each year…..don’t miss out this Fall!

The heart of the Ohio Elks Association continues to support our State Major Project Cerebral Palsy financially so that we are able to provide much needed support for CP centers across OHIO. CP Grants provide much needed equipment and care for those afflicted with this horrible disease. It is our State Major Project and deserves our absolute best effort.

Ohio Elks are also excited with the reformation of the FOG (For Ohio’s Grand) Committee as our own PSP Doug Schiefer has been selected as a candidate from Ohio to serve as Grand Exalted Ruler. The committee has started the support and fundraising and I encourage all lodges to hold some type of fundraiser to benefit Doug and Julia! We wish them well in the future.

The 2019-20 Officers and spouses Thank You for your confidence and support for the upcoming year. We are here to serve you and are available to help in any way we possibly can. We are challenged by our motto in Guiding the Association and Motivating Elks and will bring an energy and excitement to lodges as we travel the great State of Ohio!

Always known as the Best People On Earth we must take that one step further and Begin Promoting Ohio Elks!

Best Wishes,

Mark and Amy Ratliff