State President's Message

Hello BPOE,

(Best People On Earth) I have chosen the theme/slogan for 2018-2019 as Talk Elks Everywhere!  It is my nickname, because many people haven’t heard the name “Nevin” before and confuse it for Kevin-Evan-Devin or something else! It is kind of like people who aren’t Elks, confuse our great work with some other group.  I was surprised at church; I was talking to a new member who thought the Elks were big game hunters and had no clue of our community involvement!  We need to Talk Elks Everywhere and that will grow our membership, push our State Major Project CP and build the ENF funds, which in turn promote us more with each potential new member.

On behalf of the Officer Team and our families, we want to thank you for the trust you have placed in the team to guide the association in 2018-19.  I know that every lodge does fundraisers for their different community’s needs.  I am asking all lodges to hold an event that you submit as “Promotional Activity to Publize Elkdom” and our good work.  It doesn’t have to be a money maker for a new activity or program, but to promote the ELKS! The State Trustees have placed into the 2018-2019 budget award funds for the winners to be selected by the Public Relations/Community Service Committee.  Your lodge should hold an event that promotes the ELKS and tells everyone “Hey, you need to become an ELK”!  We many times just don’t tell people about all the great things we are doing in the community.  I have chosen to start an additional competition challenge for each lodge to become an ALL-OHIO LODGE, which will parallel the Grand Lodge Program.  If you complete our state application, it can also enter you into the National level using the same paperwork.  It is a simple form for your Esteem Leading Knight and another officer to report the lodge’s events and to report on its success.  We will honor all the lodges who submit applications. The forms will be posted on the website for direct download.  Another way for us to Talk Elks Everywhere!

 2018-2019 will bring new changes to the Ohio Elks website (Ohioelks.com) to make it easier to navigate.  We have tried to make it a one-stop shop for information about the Ohio Elks and our programs.  If your lodge needs a form of any type, hit the “forms” tab, and it’s there!  Looking for an officer’s address or committee chairmanship email? Need to connect to a different district / lodge?  Just type in the email, the position, or name of the committee @ohioelks.com (example i.e. President@Ohioelks.com  or Communityservicegrantsz@Ohioelks.com  and the email goes directly to the mailbox with your message).  Each chairman and their program have its own space to share what’s going on in Ohio.  If you want to share articles, please submit them to the Webmaster Richard Threadgill at the website under his drop tab. If you have suggestions for improving the website, please present that to any officer or directly to the Ohio Office.  It is our site, and we need it to serve you and the public as we spread the work of the Ohio Elks Association.

Let’s Talk Elks Everywhere because we know about our programs and it is time to let everyone in on our secrets of the work we are doing in our communities! Please get your lodge recognized as an All-Ohio Lodge in 2019 by submitting your accomplishments.  God bless you and yours in 2018-2019 until we see each other this year!

“T” and his Bride Deana