• Are you a new lodge officer?

  • Are you leading a lodge committee?

  • Are you a long-time lodge leader?

  • Do you just need help?!

We are here for you!

The Elks Leadership Kollege is a valuable training session being offered to lodge officers and members on Saturday, March 2nd.  Qualified trainers will be conducting sessions packed full of valuable information that will guide you through a successful lodge year.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to have your officers learn what they need to know and implement in order to have a successful year!

Registration will be on-site beginning at 9:00 am.  There will be no pre-registration.

The Kollege will start at 10:00 am with everyone attending the welcome/opening session.  Following this session, the group will then divide into four breakout sessions, which include:

  • Exalted Rulers/Leading, Loyal & Lecturing Knights

  • Lodge Secretaries

  • Lodge Treasurers

  • Trustees/Board of Directors/House Committee

Short breaks will be offered during the day.  We will not break for lunch, which should allow everyone a timely dismissal to get you on the road home quicker.

Dress for the Kollege will be casual, but no jeans please.

In order to have an idea on how many will be attending, the District Activities Chairmen will be contacting each of their Exalted Rulers; requesting the total number attending from the lodge and the number of those attending per breakout session.  This will allow us to have the correct number of handouts, etc.  Final count numbers are needed by Friday, February 22.

DAC’s -- please email the requested information to the Dean of the Kollege, PSP Doug Schiefer at douglasschiefer@gmail.com  

The Leadership Kollege Agenda will be emailed to all Ohio Elks lodges and posted on the OEA website https://ohioelks.com/ by mid February.

The event will be held at the Marriott Columbus Northwest in Dublin (Columbus), OH.  The Ohio Elks Association has negotiated a great rate for Elks that wish to stay overnight the day before and/or the evening of the event (this is not required to attend the Kollege). Click the link below to reserve a hotel room if needed.  THIS DOES NOT REGISTER YOU FOR THE EVENT, just a hotel room. 




March 2, 2019
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

9:00 AM - State Officers, by District

General SessionDublin III & IV

10:00 AM - Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance & Remarks - Doug Schiefer, PSP

10:10 AM - Special Remarks from OEA President - Nevin Taylor, SP         

10:20 AM - Web Operation & Social Media - Richard Threadgill, PER & Kermit Morse, PDDGER

11:15 AM - Membership - Chris Hatcher, PER

11:40 AM - ENF / Grants - Scott Peters, PER

12:10 PM  Parliamentary Procedure - Richard P. Wolfe, PSP

Short Break – Divide Rooms for Breakout Sessions

12:45 PM   Lodge Secretaries – Dublin I - Michael Stanley, PSP
Todd Cannode, DAC
District Deputy Visit/Inspection - Rex Coldwell, DDGER

12:45 PM   Lodge Treasurers – Dublin II - Jason Watts, PER, Treasurer
Quick Books
- Ann Barr, Treasurer

12:45 PM   Exalted Rulers & Knights – Dublin III - Linda Stanley, VDAC
Rob Nixon, DAC
Jill Hawse, PDDGER
Larry Wise, PDDGER
Past Exalted Rulers Association - Sue Fox Buroker, PER SP
Dean Robinson, PER SVP

12:45 PM   Trustees/Board of Directors/ – Dublin IV - Dean Streit, PDDGER
House Committee - Barry Harper, DDGER
Club Manager - Richard Threadgill, PER         

OEA 2019 Elks Leadership Kollege Presentations

Below are the PowerPoint presentations used during the 2019 edition of the Kollege.