Eight months into the Lodge year, Ohio is ranked 37th in donations nationally at 72.1% with a $3.42 per capita of the GER’s goal of $4.75.  Our work is really cut out for us and Lodges are highly encouraged to submit its ENF donations ASAP.

Only twenty-five of Ohio’s seventy-seven Lodges have achieved the GER’s goal and twenty-three Lodges have per capita donations of less then $1.00.  Of those, six Lodges have donated nothing.  Please put more effort into fund raising for ENF.  The more we donate the more we receive in support of our state projects.

Conversely, our Community Investment Program (CIP) grant applications are being submitted with excellent success.  To date ENF has approved 134 grants totaling $253,882!  This is excellent especially in light of the major CIP changes this year.

District donations are as follows:

  • SW     $14,316       $2.56 per capita

  • SE       $12,314       $2.40 per capita

  • SC       $28,474       $4.93 per capita – Super!!

  • NW    $22,088       $2.74 per capita

  • NE      $22,557       $3.97 per capita

  • NC      $18,273       $3.51 per capita

 CIP Reminders:

Application period for CIP Grants ends 12/31/2018.

All grant funds must be used by 3/31/2019.

All reports are due within 1 month of the completion date of the grant.

All reports must be uploaded to the ENF Grant Dashboard and grant follow-ups are completed online.

State Elks National Foundation Chairperson - 2018/19
Mary Carolyn Nichelson