The Ohio Elks Association provides Community Service Grants to purchase equipment for a Municipality, Police Department, Fire Department, Park Department etc., which they would not otherwise be able to purchase, which will allow them to do their jobs better.

Grant Program Update! (May 31, 2018)

This year has certainly started out with a bang!  We have already received 20 grant requests (out of 24) and there are 4 of the 6 districts that have already received their 4 earmarked grants.  See the link below to download the document that list the grants awarded and the lodge.

Something new for this year, as I get publicity from the lodges for their presentations of the grant, I will be forwarding it on to Richard Treadgill for publishing on the Ohio Elks Association Web site.  You will find them, as well as other articles about what is going on around the state at on the OEA News page of this website.  What’s exciting is that this is an ongoing thread that is also pushed to our Twitter feed (@ohioelks) and on our Facebook page at  You can subscribe to either or both of these to keep up to date with what’s going on around Ohio Elks.


Kermit Morse, III
Community Service State Chairman

Grant Details & Information

The 2018-19 Grant year started May 1, 2018.  The application document is the same as last year but if you need it, one is available on this site to download.  Last year, all of the grants were awarded by the middle of August, so don’t delay in getting your application in.

The maximum amount for each grant is $750.00.  There are 4 grants earmarked for each District.  Applications can be submitted any time after May 1st.  The grants will be filled based on the earliest date the application was received. Lodges are allowed to submit only one application until September.  Any applications submitted prior to May 1st will be held and processed after May 7.

On August 1st, the earmarks will be removed.  If there are grants not awarded, any lodge that submitted their first application through this date but didn’t receive a grant because their district had already claimed their 4 grants will now be considered for the remaining grant(s).  The grants will be awarded based on the earliest date the application was received.

Beginning September 1st, if there are any grants still available, lodges may submit a second application for consideration.  The applications will be considered based on the date received.  If there is an application from a lodge that hasn’t yet received a grant, they will be given priority.

State Community Service Grant Chairperson - 2018/19
Kermit Morse