Newark Elks Lodge#391 Helps New Drug Awareness Club at Local High School

Newark High School started a new Drug Awareness Club this school year hoping to stop the drug addiction that is running rampant in our city.  Knowing that to stop any illicit activity, one has to start from the bottom, with the young people, and work your way up, the High School is hoping to teach the students about the different drugs and the effect on their bodies and brains.

When Lodge 391 DAP Committee heard of the new club we knew we could help!

Lodge member, Becky Underhill delivered 2 boxes of drug awareness materials, as well as Distracted Driving and Facts for Parents pamphlets to Principal Tom Bowman. Principal Bowman was delighted to not only receive the materials that will be of great use to the students, but to also know that he now has a resource to help the new club on an ongoing basis.

Of course, it goes without saying, that Lodge 391 is excited to be able to help battle the war on drugs at the local high school level, and the DAP Committee is hoping this will open the door to other opportunities to help other schools in our lodge area.