Elks Across Ohio Raised More Than $23,000 For The State Endowment!

The Ohio Elks Charity Endowment Fundraising Committee held its second fundraiser this past weekend at the fall reunion in Columbus. Once again the generosity of the Elks of OHIO was just fantastic and proved again you are truly the BPOE (best people on earth).

Together in just one evening, we raised $23,320.00 for the future of the OHIO ELKS Endowment. As a Lodge, District and State Association, we all should be very proud.

I must thank everyone that worked so hard to make this event the great success that it was, all of you on the committee know who you are (great job guys), all of you that helped sell door prizes you know who you are (we couldn’t have done it without you) thank you. And a very special thanks to all who bought tickets, came to the raffle, and gave sponsorships to the event the committee thanks you.

Congratulations go out to some of our big winners: Tony Federico, Jim Parks, Todd Hurd, Mike Manfredarici, Ron Adams, Todd Arnold, Zach Spieles, and John Schwartz.  I bet these guys will be back next year.

In closing, just a reminder, the OHIO ELKS CHARITY ENDOWMENT is the future of OHIO ELKS giving just as ENF is the National Organization of giving.

Again, we as Board and Committee welcome and thank for your support.

Lance C. Knight PSP

Ohio Charity Endowment Chairman