Changes to ENF CIP Programs Announced!

CIP Changes Are Here!

1. Impact Grants will now have a two-step process:

           A. Step One – Lodges will submit a short project proposal to ENF.  Based on that                                    proposal, ENF will select lodges to compete at the second step.

           B. Step Two – Those Lodges invited will submit full applications.

Note: CIP will assist Lodges with improving their initial proposals.

2. Freedom Grants – Freedom Grants will be increased to 300 (from 200) as Elks continue to serve veterans and their families.

3. Anniversary Grants - $1,500 Anniversary Grants will be available again for the 2018-2019 Lodge year.

4. Gratitude Grants – Will now be available to Lodges that meet the GER’s goal by March 31 of the PREVIOUS year.  This means that every qualifying, compliant Lodge can apply for a Gratitude Grant starting the first day grant applications are open.

5. Grant Deadline ShiftsVery Important Information

           A. ALL grant applications will open July 1, 2018 and CLOSE December 31, 2018.

           B. Lodges will have until the end of the Lodge year, March 31, 2019 to use their grant funds.

           C. In 2019-20, grant applications will open April 1, 2019.