The Ohio Elks Association's major project is Cerebral Palsy.  Elks across Ohio contribute thousands of dollars and countless hours helping children and adults, along with their families with the daily challenges associated to life with CP.

Happy Spring Everyone! 

As we move into the new Lodge year, I am happy to report on what has been going on with the CP Fund Raising Committee. 

On February 23rd, the Committee met in Marysville to discuss the Grants and Camperships that had been submitted for consideration.  The Committee is happy to have awarded $229,800 in Grants and Camperships.  The checks will be distributed at the April Convention. 

We, as Elks, can help a LOT of individuals with these Grants and Camperships, so THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR DONATIONS TO YOUR PER CAPITA.   This is what allows us to keep doing what we are doing.  Just a reminder-Grants and Camperships for 2019 must be to your District Rep BY DECEMBER 31, 2019. Updated forms will soon be on the Ohio Elks Website.

At the Fall Convention, we introduced a fundraiser for the CP Trust named the 150 Club.  This went over very well, and we were able to hold our first drawings at that convention.  The 2nd set of drawings for those numbers will be held at this April Convention.  This event was so successful tat we have added some more numbers to allow more people to join for the Aug 19/April 20 drawings.   Remember, you must be an Elk member to participate.  Please contact Chuck Hilyard, CP Treasurer to join.

The Angel Pin Project is still going strong.  This Project helped in getting the State Endowment started, and we continue to support that.  If you are interested in the Angel Pin Project, please contact your District Rep.  At our meeting in February, the Committee discussed adding another level to this, so watch for more information to be coming your way. 

We are always looking Ideas of what items you would like to see us have on hand at the Booth/Convention.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know. 

The OSU football raffle tickets will be dispersed to your District Reps at the April Convention.  Please make sure you get them from those Reps.  These will be due back to us at the Booth in August BY NOON.  Drawing will be held that evening, right before the Endowment Event. Help us make this the best year for this raffle!

Thank you all for your continued support of our State Major Project.  Thank you to the Committee for all of their hard work, as well.  Have a great Spring! 

Cerebral Palsy Fund Board Information & Update

At the Ohio Elks Association Spring Convention in Columbus, the Ohio State University Football Season Ticket Raffle tickets were handed out to your District Representatives.  Please make sure these get to your Lodges to be sold as soon as possible.  The drawing will be held at the Ohio Elks Association Fall Reunion in August, so be sure to bring your tickets and money to the Reunion.  

Time of drawing will be determined at a later date.  Let's make this year's sales the best yet!  Your District Reps also have coin banks, so if you are in need, please let them or myself know.  We will get them to you right away.  Your District Reps received the CP pins that were given to them at the Grant Disbursement Meeting earlier this year.  Cost is $3.00 each or 2/$5.00.  If you are in need of any more pins, please let me know.  We do also have some of the pins from past years.  If you are looking for a specific one, we can help.

We are always looking for ways to raise monies for our State Major Project, so if you have a good idea, please don't keep it to yourself.  We would love to hear your suggestions.  

2019-20 Grant & Campership Applications

Below are the 2019/20 Cerebral Palsy Grant and Campership Application Forms. Anyone applying for these grants must have them completed and returned to your respective District CP Chairperson by December 31, 2019. It you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail or by phone (937) 657-5696.

State Cerebral Palsy Fund Board Chairperson - 2019/20
Sara "Sally" Dunavent, PDDGER

Lodge CP Per Capita & Donation Information

This year the CP per capita for each Lodge is $4.00 per member.  Lodges need to make their per capita in order to be considered for grants.  These grants can be used to help support facilities in your community that treat children and adults with Cerebral Palsy.  Please send your donations by check to the following address for the 2018-2019 year:

Chuck Hilyard
CP Treasurer
6026 White Oak Drive
Toledo OH 43615

If your donation is going to be used for CP Grants then you want to put the following information on your check:  Payable to the order of:  Ohio Elks CP Fund Board

If your donation is going to be used for the State Endowment then you want to put the following information on your check:  Payable to the order of:  The Columbus Foundation

The CP Fund Committee is here to answer any questions you may have about the State Charity - Cerebral Palsy.  Please reach out to your District Chairman anytime during the year to make sure you have reached your per capita and qualify for grants to help out your community.

State Cerebral Palsy Fund Board Chairperson - 2018/19
Sara "Sally" Dunavent, PDDGER