By now all lodges should have received their annual report from the Grand Lodge Auditing Committee.  This report is not to be laid aside and filed, but should be studied and acted upon. 

I will guess that most of our Lodges receive a statement similar to the following in the comments section: 

“Bar Cost of Sales and Employee Expense should be around 35% each.  Yours are currently at 44$ and 74%.
Every $100 in sales is currently costing $118.” 

There will be another such statement related to Food Cost of Sales.  The numbers will vary, but it seems most of us struggle with keeping our food and beverage finances in the black. 

Make sure your governing body, and membership, is aware of this and look hard at what might be done to make more of a profit in sales.  These are difficult decisions and members do not like to see price increases, but they are necessary at times and maybe you can also find ways of cutting your overhead.  There are many of us available if you want to seek help.

I have recently received communications from our Grand Lodge Insurance Director, Brian O’Neill, encouraging us to make sure we have an adequate back-up systems for our computer data.  A couple of our west coast Lodges have been destroyed due to fires and the data recovery process and resolution of claims has been challenging due to insufficient back-up.  Each Lodge is encouraged to Google Small Business Cloud Backup and consider the options.

State Lodge Operations (Business Practices) Chairperson - 2018/19
Dean Streit