Season Greetings to all:

The Ohio Elks Association began our new OEA Charities Endowment three years ago.  We have partnered with the Columbus Foundation and PNC Investments in order to create a new giving arm for the Ohio Elks.  Starting with the initial investment of $1.4 million, it has grown to $2.25 million.  This is due to the committee’s conservative investment policies, annual fundraisers and member donations.

However, as we move forward, it is now time for every member to get involved.  We have asked that your lodge place a line item for the OEA Endowment on your dues statement for next year.  Most Lodges already have ENF and CP on their statements.  All of these line items are of great importance to the philanthropic work of our state and Grand Lodge.

HOWEVER WE CAN DO BETTER! After all it is the season for giving!

You can also make a direct donation to the OEA Charities Endowment. The growth of our endowment will insure that the great heart of giving will last forever in Ohio.

I hope YOU and your Lodge will join President Nevin Taylor, the OEA Board of Trustees, OEA State Officers and the Endowment Committee by helping to grow the Ohio Elks future charitable giving.

Make checks payable to:  OEA Charities Endowment and send to:

Mrs. Teresa Minarchick, Treasurer
7473 Ryan Road
Medina, Ohio 44256

Have a wonderful Holiday Season,

Lance C. Knight PSP
Ohio Charity Endowment Chairman